Municipality of Trikala

Beacons - Interactive Information

The city of Trikala once again innovates and exploits new technologies for the benefit of its residents and visitors. In cooperation with ATEI of Athens (Department of Electronic Engineering, Laboratory of Electronic Devices and Materials), a small network of 5 autonomous beacons was installed in 5 points of tourist interest (Asklepeon, Central Pedestrian Bridge, Tsitsani Museum, Fortress, Mosque).




Using beacon technology, the visitor will be able to “interact” interactively with the point of interest through his smartphone or tablet and see the information that concerns him by following these simple steps:

  1. At places where the beacon tag is located, we enable Bluetooth and location of the device.
    2. We install a physical web browser on the Android device. We recommend the physical web
    3. Before using the physical web browser for the first time, we make the following settings: Choosing Settings (top right) and in the Physical Web Service field, click and select the Development Open Source Physical Web Service setting.
    4. Having the application open to the background, once we reach the beacon range, the page of the redirected page will appear on the app’s screen, so by tapping it, the page opens. Alternatively, on mobile with android 5 and later, when a beacon is in range, a notification will appear (in the list of alerts).