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I would like to welcome you to Trikala, the birthplace of Asclepius, the first ancient doctor.

In Trikala, which is one of the oldest in Europe with a long history that goes back in 3,000 BC, we believe that Greek hospitality and friendliness synthesize your passports to enter our “Open” city.

Trikala is a city that combines innovation and culture, where the Municipality respects the local history, while it implements many smart solutions for its residents and visitors. Moreover, Trikala is friendly and offers special local flavors and spirits of high quality (i.e., feta cheese and pies, wine and tsipouro accordingly), while it makes citizens and visitors smile, explore the city with bicycles and boats in Litheos river or walk in its open spaces and museums.

Let’s walk together in Trikala, following the highways of the Internet.

Nikos Sakkas, Mayor


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