Municipality of Trikala

Twin Cities

The Municipality of Trikala has enabled the institution of twinning, seeking effective cooperation with other municipalities. The development of real and sincere relations depends on the availability and preparation made by each city. For these reasons, the Municipality of Trikala works multilevel, seeking to deepen the twinning after you set specific goals.

Twinning Municipalities


The twinned municipalities – areas are 9, from which 8 from other countries and one from Greece.

1) Amberg, Germany

By its no. 259/2001 decision, the City Council approved Trikala twinning with the city of Amberg, Germany. On 19.10.2001 representatives of the two cities signed the relevant twinning consistent. The objective of this twinning is to develop new actions, to improve expertise in socio-economic sectors, including:
–   Environmental Protection
–  Education
– New technologies
– Agricultural, industrial and commercial activities
– Fight against unemployment

Within the twinning relations in 2012 provided financial support of the German-Hellenic Association HELLAS amounting to 8,000 Euros in Social Pharmacy Municipality of Trikala and 1500 Euros in KDAP Ifaistos. In addition, in 2015 two defibrillators were offered and placed in central locations, in order to prevent unpleasant situations to citizens and visitors.

A square – roundabout in Amberg has been named “Trikala” in honor of the Municipality of Trikala, while in 2015, were sent to the German city signs, marking the distance in kilometers between the two cities.

Top offer from the German city, the construction of a modern and certified playground at “Green Corner” and a square named “Amberg square” with the Municipal Council, reflecting the deep spirit of friendship between the two cities. The inauguration took place on June 24, 2016.

2) Talence, France

By its No. 277/1997 decision, City Council approved that twinning with the city of Talence and on 30.05.1998 signed a twinning protocol between the two municipalities with a view to fruitful and sincere cooperation in the fields of education, culture and sports. Talence is the third district of Bordeaux city.
There were held mutual exchange students of Technical High Schools in Talence and Trikala.

3) Castrop-Rauxel, Germany

On 10.05.2013 was signed the pact twinning between the two cities which provided for the development of cooperation relating in exchanging good practices and know-how for the implementation of joint actions in the fields of education (school exchanges, student and teacher programs) culture (exchanges of cultural goods , programs) and the economy (tourism) etc. In 2012 the Municipality of Trikala participated in the International Festival in the Castrop-Rauxel’s city market. Since 2015, contacts were strengthened by exchanging visits and continuing efforts to upgrade cooperation. Equally important is the participation of the Greek community in the area.

4) Pyatigorsk (Пятигорск) Russia

On 14.6.1995 was signed the relevant twinning pact to ensure the long-term cooperation in order to achieve defined results in the fields of culture, commerce, education, health, tourism and sports. From 1995-2000 there was a mutual exchange of delegations between missions of two municipalities.

5) Vranje (Vranje) Serbia

On 16.6.2011 was signed Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Vranje, Serbia and Development Agency Local Government e-Trikala SA from Greece which provided:

a) cooperation in the field of digital technology for better and easier implementation of the rights of citizens in local government

  1. b) The transfer of specialized knowledge and practical application of best models of digital applications from the Municipality of Trikala in Vranje city.Also, under the European Program EXCHANGE 3 materialized action standards of an information society (out of the standard information society) to the city of Vranje in Serbia and the Municipality of Trikala used its expertise on European issues cofinanced programs under program contract signed between it, the e-trikala and the Organization Asclepius.On 19.03.2012 signed twinning pact between the two municipalities for the purpose of further cooperation. Since 2015 relationship were reconnected with two cities

6) Tuscon, USA

The initial act of twinning was signed in 1949 from Mayor Iraklis Retos provided for the establishment of a non-profit association under the name “City Friendship Association Trikala – Tiouson, for

  • The development of friendship and cooperation ties between the citizens of Trikala and Tucson.
  • Examine creative assets in the fields of culture, science, education and general social activity.
  • The lessons learned resulting from contacts of people between the two cities in cultural exchanges, as well as in scientific meetings, shopping, sports and tourist character.
  • Cultivating and developing friendly relations with the Greek Orthodox community of the Tiouson.
  • In 2007 Municipality of Trikala decided to send material for viewing the Municipality of Trikala in the exhibition organized by Tuscon on the twinned cities.
  • In 2017, US Ambassador in Greece Mr. Geoffrey R. Pyatt, visiting Trikala, encouraged an event for the 70th years celebration of the twinning act


7) Brasov, Roumania

On 27.4.2006 twinning pact signed between the twomunicipalities with the aim of promoting mutual understanding, friendship and stabilization between the Romanian and the Greek State. The reason for this relationship was the Trikala business operators activated in Romania, by creating a standard unit of dairy products thereby contributing to the economic development of the region. There were mutual exchanges of missions of both municipalities to further expand cooperation in thematic areas of common endiaferontos.

8) Banan District of Chongqing Municipality -China

The reasons which led to the establishment of twinning relations between the two municipalities in 2005, came from the need to funnel high industrial production Chongging. Besiddes, there is a geographical strategic importance from Chongging to the city of Trikala in their plans for entry in the Balkan countries. The long cooperation between local and commercial schemes with Chinese industries Chongging provide the substrate for the creation of intermunicipal partnerships to maximize opportunities

9) Antiparos, Greece

The beautiful island of Antiparos is from June 4, 2016, sister city with the Municipality of Trikala. The decision taken by the two Municipal Councils actually promotes cooperation in two key areas: culture and that of know-how. Another field of cooperation is that of exchanging good practices, given the Municipality of Trikala experience in innovation issues, but also the field of administration. Also, the ability of training action plans to strengthen the twinning has been made with the City of Antiparos, in order to achieve goals of targeting and practicing. In the demarcated field of culture, data exchange will help improve communication between libraries and museums, but also in folklore level.