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The Municipal Conservatory of Trikala has been operating for 54 consecutive years and was founded in 1955 by a decision of the Municipal Council of the Mayor, Stefanos Palatzas. It is a legacy of the deceased Eleni Solon – Christos Zografou, who was a friend of music. Among other things in her will, it states features:

«In Thessaly my share of 250 acres in Lazarina will be disposed of. I give this amount to the Municipality of Trikkala to build a very simple Conservatory … People in Thessaly did not want to understand that music is the only one that can refine its world. I do this in remembrance of my living there … Eleni Solonos – Christos Zografou »

I do this in remembrance of my living there … Eleni Solonos – Christos Zografou »

The Conservatory started its operation in 1958 with Alexander Pyshoulis as its first Director. Afterwards, in the years 1962 – 1991, Efi Gougoulakiwas in charge of the artistic direction, in 1991-2000 Ritsa Pispa, in 2000-2003, Mrs. Kostoula Konstantinopoulou, from 2003 to 2011 Mrs. Lora Mati, from 2012 until June 2013, Mr. Tsiantas Nikolaos, and from September 2013 Mrs. Mpiziou Daphne – Dimitra.

Today the Municipal Conservatory functions as an organizational unit within the Department of Culture of the Directorate of Education and Culture of the Municipality of Trikala, with a brilliant presence in the cultural life of the city and of the wider region. It is a point of reference for a long learning pathway, consistently and modestly serving the art of music. It has been operating for many years as a pole of attraction for small and large students who wish to reach out to the music world. A world full of sensitivity, magic, where with its unique power manages to express the inner feelings of people at all times.

It is a nursery of young musicians, which functions not only as a core of musical culture but also as a creative way for all young people who, based on their youthful concerns, seek their right to express themselves in a cocky, flattering and indifferent way of life Imposed by modern societies.

It offers social work by supporting and at the same time exempting from the payment of tuition fees, students from various social groups such as unemployed, wealthy, students of the Municipal Philharmonic, etc.

The Municipal Conservatory hosts today a high number of students of all ages, while at the same time providing a high level of study at the various levels of their music education.

It provides scholarships to students who are performing well in the school they are attending and preparing them properly by providing them with the necessary equipment for a brilliant career in Greece and abroad, thus contributing to both the cultural and intellectual outlook of the city of Trikala and of their future professional rehabilitation.

It also contributes to the spread of music creation and the involvement of more and more people with music and the cultural level of the city, taking initiatives of decentralized actions by organizing events, seminars, evenings of speech and music, theater, etc.

In the 54 years of operation of the Municipal Conservatory of Trikala, concerts, seminar circles, collaborations with prominent creators, etc. have been organized repeatedly and with great success.

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