Municipality of Trikala

Smart City Control Centre

A control centre for all “Smart City” services was established on the ground floor of City Hall. Terminals were installed to monitor the following systems:

  • The Cisco Smart+Connected Digital Platformis designed to display the data it collects on one admin screen
  • GIS displays spatial – urban planning data and points of interest in the Municipality of Trikala
  • Traffic light operation monitoring system. It offers online monitoring of malfunctions and blown light bulbs in the city’s intersections that are regulated by traffic lights.
  • Municipal vehicle traffic recording system
  • Terminal for monitoring the operation of wireless network hubs for free Wi-Fi access
  • Solenoid valves monitoring and regulating system – Municipal Water and Sanitation Utility
  • Recording and monitoring of the progress of residents’ petitions
  • Posting of Municipality of Trikala open data

Partners: Cisco, Space Hellas, ITM Intelligent, e-trikala, Vodafone, Municipal Water and Sanitation Utility, Engis by Enstruct, Egritos Group.